I am a sound practitioner and provide private and group sound experiences for people to rest in. These spaces are held with the intention of honouring rituals and community practices that have existed throughout the history of humanity as a way of healing and connecting. I believe these are simple, yet effective methods for managing modern busy lives and supporting people to reconnect to their own inner resonance and sense of well-being. The body resonates and internal shifts happen in response to different vibrations, whether this be in a live music concert, listening to the ocean, a heavy downpour of rain, or a softly sung lullaby.

Some of the benefits of sound meditation include but are not limited to:

• Deep relaxation.
• Helping with quality of sleep.
• Reduce stress and anxiety.
• Encourage balance in body systems thus improving overall health.

for private and group sessions

I will be available from April 2024 for new projects, voice work and workshop facilitation. message/email to me.

How did I get into Sound?
Sound and singing have always been a door to a world of feeling and expression that goes beyond what words alone can provide. In these spaces, I have felt personally held and empowered, and most fully alive.

As a child my grandmother and I would sit at the piano singing folk songs and every family gathering would end in a big singsong of all our favourite tunes.

Growing up in Northern Ireland I was fortunate enough to be supported to sing in many different places: I was a member of the Ulster Youth Choir, Northern Ireland Youth Opera and Music Theatre for Youth, performing at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, Market Place Theatre in Armagh, St David’s Hall and the WNO in Cardiff.

Since moving to London I attained a Masters from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, and Licentiate Diploma (L.L.C.M) with the London College of Music in Musical Theatre Performance, and have performed at the Southbank Centre, The National Theatre, and the Charing Cross Theatre. I also manage a choir for people experiencing marginalisation and homelessness in London, and we perform in spaces like Cadogan Hall, The Southbank Centre, homeless hostels and conferences.

After becoming a yoga teacher in 2017 I began chanting and kirtan (which is a form of devotional singing), and in 2022 completed Anne Malone’s Sacred Sound and Ceremony training through The Shala, London.

Today I use a combination of instruments that resonate sounds which are healing and inspired by nature. This includes my voice, Indian harmonium and singing bowls, Irish Bodhrån (drum), Japanese Koshi bells, Ukrainian Divya, and African rain stick.


I am willing to travel to where you are for your session, which will include an additional fee according to your booking, unless you are in North London, where there is no additional cost.

Private session - 1hr

Single private session: £100

Bundle of 3 sessions: £250

Private Session 1.5 hrs

Single private session: £120

Bundle of 3 sessions: £300

Group Session 1 hr

Single Group Session: £150

Bundle of 3 group sessions: £400

Group Session 1.5 hrs

Single Group Session: £200

Bundle of 3 group sessions: £500

Please contact me if you are interested in a longer term arrangement to negotiate pricing.